New User and Initial Installation


Good afternoon everyone,

I am a new user and I downloaded today the full Version 3.5 as the new Version 4 full download does not seem to be available yet.  Then, I performed the upgrade to Version 4.  I have having some issues, so if anyone could give me their thoughts, that would be much appreciated.

When I launch the program, I get the following message:

Error: Bad file name or number

Failed to open /read the ADIF Countries Within PrimarySubdivisions.txt file.

If I click ok, the program then opens, but obviously something that is needed has not been loaded.

Then, I have my ADIF file that was exported from my previous program (ProLog 2K) and I have converted it to a .adi file.

When I try an import the .adi file, the Logger32 generates a BAD.ADI file that contains my contacts and I get the following message:

1266 QSO's read.  1179 records could not be imported.  Please see the error file BAD.ADI where they have been saved with comment about why they were not imported.

When I open up the BAD.ADI file, I can't see any thing that directs me to the reason for the errors.

So, then when I try and view Logbook page to see the contacts that were successfully imported, I get the message Run-time error "5":  Invalid procedure call or argument.  When I click ok, I get another message that says Can't find SOTA_REF in your ADIF.TXT file.  The when I click ok again, the program crashes and closes.

Any help would be appreciated,


Mike, AI3H

Basically, there are a number of issues.  Does anyone have any thoughts?

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