Strange occurrance

Malcolm Bosher

I have just had a sked with my friend Peter and when I pressed enter to log the call I noticed the end time was wrong.  I tried to edit it to 14:24 but it keeps returning to 00:06.

I have created an ADIF export for the QSO and the time is shown correctly. 

<DISTANCE:6>206.53 <BAND:2>2m <CALL:5>G4DJB <CONT:2>EU <CQZ:2>14 <DXCC:3>223 <FREQ:10>144.222000 <GRIDSQUARE:6>IO91ph <ITUZ:2>27 <MODE:3>SSB <NAME:5>Peter <OPERATOR:6>GU0UVH <PFX:2>G4 <QSLMSG:24>Tnx for QSO - 73 Malcolm <QSO_DATE:8:D>20210219 <TIME_ON:6>140000 <RST_RCVD:2>53 <RST_SENT:2>53 <K_INDEX:1>2 <TIME_OFF:6>142400 <TX_PWR:3>100 <SFI:2>71 <A_INDEX:1>4 <APP_LOGGER32_QSO_NUMBER:5>12205 <EOR>

Any ideas to correct this anomaly would be most welcome.

73  Malcolm   GU0UVH

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