Re: duplicate spots in DX Spots window


A perfect visual of total folly of DX Clusters. Sort of the Ham Radio equivalent of an obsessive hoarder. The only thing missing are the almost mandatory 'Goooal!' and 'Bingooo!' comments.
Paul, it appears you are connected to an aggregator that is not filtering their spots. Right click on the DX Spots window. Click SETUP | DX SPOT BLOCKING ...  Select the DUPES tab. Are the upper two checkboxes checked?
Also, back to the DXSpot window. Right click. Click SETUP | APPEARANCE and check the option to ENABLE OVERWRITE OF VISIBLE DUPLICATE DX SPOTS.

On 02/16/2021 12:17 AM Paul - W1PR <w1pr@...> wrote:
I have tried several different cluster sites but I'm running into a problem that occurs no matter which cluster site I use: Duplicate spots appear in the DX Spots window but NOT in the Telnet window.
For example:

There are six dupes in this screen shot, at 04:01, 04:07, 04:23, 04:27, 04:29, and 04:34. The cluster is running DXSpider. The Telnet window showed only single instances.

I have only a single line of script for login: W1PR
Keep alive
is set to 20 min for all 3: Telnet, Cluster, Local Host. Is this my error?
Send DX spots from Telnet port is enabled.
 A couple of times the Spots window was scrolling the same spot so fast it was like watching the screen when you keep pressing a single key. The only I was able to interrupt it was to close the program.
I know the problem is on my end, not the clusters'.
Help! What am I missing? TNX!

73 de Paul W1PR

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