Re: DXCC Granted QSO download from LoTW

Jim Altman

I go through Clublog and all my granted’s (including Challenge) match exactly to logger32.  But, please don’t believe me and keep trying other ways to do it.




Jim Altman



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Sent: Monday, February 15, 2021 4:56 PM
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] DXCC Granted QSO download from LoTW


There are a lots of "strange data" from LoTW.

This is not issue in Logger32.

You have to check one-by-one manually.

Strange data:

QSO with wrong Date 1945/01/01 etc

QSO with No Mode etc


On 2021/02/16 6:40, Rick EA4M via wrote:

Aki It doesn't work on me... I tried but all that I get was a lot of not In log messages....




On Mon, Feb 15, 2021, 22:31 ja1nlx <ayoshida0205@...> wrote:


Try to use ARRL Scraper.exe to download your credit data and

run QSL update for DXCC/IOTA in Award menu.

Details in Help or Manual.


On 2021/02/16 2:42, n5kd wrote:

I recently made a LoTW submission to add to my DXCC challenge.
So, I have increase my score.
Now I want to find a download from LoTW that I can import to Logger32.


I have found a download, but it does not give a GRANTED status to any QSO.

What am I missing?




73’ Pete, N5KD.





aki JA1NLX


aki JA1NLX

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