Re: Improvements for "Mode from DX Spots"


John, good thought, but I don't think so. The code works like this example of a DX Spot on 21300 RTTY. In my case the 15m RTTY slot is 21080 to 21100.
a) Get the band from the frequency ... returns 15m
b) Find the 15m RTTY slot and look at the radio mode ... returns RTTY
c) send command to the radio.

On 02/15/2021 10:56 AM John Munton - G7SSE <johng7sse@...> wrote:
Bob, would the entries in the table below affect Fabio's issue?

Ps. not what is in the red box but the "Radio Mode translation to OPERATING MODE or SUBMODE" columns.
73, John - G7SSE

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