Improvements for "Mode from DX Spots"

Fabio IZ8MBW

Hi all, hi Bob.
Running latest version 4.0.242.
I have Logger32 set as this screen:

So I expect that if I click on a Callsign from a DX Spot the mode of the radio will change accordingly IF in the Comment's spot is specified the mode.
Well, it seems to partially works.
For example, in my Logger32 Band Plan the frequency 7098,0 (40m) is Phone (SSB), so after clicking on a DX spot on that frequency Logger32 set the radio as SSB (LSB). OK, this is correct.
But if the "Comment" of that DX Spot specify the mode (RTTY or rtty for example), I expect the radio will set the Mode accordingly of the Comment for that DX Spot.
It seems does not work properly, in fact also if the Comment specify "RTTY" (or "rtty") Logger32 set the radio Mode to LSB.
Is it possible that Logger32 will "better" take care of the radio Mode from the DX Spot comment also if the Mode reported is outside the Logger32's Band Plan?

Fabio, IZ8MBW


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