Re: JTDX/WSJTX Cherry Picker always " Did not switch to transmit"

Tom Wylie

Damian at the top right of the JTDX screen have you got AUTO TX depressed. It has to be on.


On 09/02/2021 15:58, DamianM0BKV via wrote:
I'm trying the Cherry Picker again after a break of months. I think I had the problem before. I'm using the latest version of everything now. I've set up all the settings as per the Help manual after a lot of incorrect settings. The only way to get it to work is to click on the Enable Transmit button as soon as the message of  <Sent message to JTDX to call *****>.appears in the event viewer.  if I leave it a second I receive the message "JTDX did not switch to transmit" and TX Halt.
Any ideas.
Damian M0BKV

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