JTDX/WSJTX via Logger32

Peter Eckersberger

Hello Bob,

Yes, the whole window is visible 😅. When reading your question and knowing your kind of humor - which BTW I appreciate very much - a bell started ringing.

I'm not sure whether or not I had finished the settings by clicking on the "Apply" button. But now being on alert I did it this time and got an ... Eureka!! All is fine, the missing text is back and the programs behave as they should.

OTOH a Scandinavian OM advised increasing the delay time. I did that also and increased the time from 1 to 10 secs. For the time being I'm not perfectly sure which action did the trick. What ever it was ... I'm back to business. Thanks a lot for giving me a hand.

Something different concerning the Logger32 Manual. When clicking on the "Help"-link the "User_Manual.pdf" gets immediately downloaded. The in version 3.xx available manual embedded in the program doesn't exist any more. Is this on purpose?

73 de Peter, OE3EPW


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