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Jim Hargrave

Hi Julian,

I mis understood your question. What you see is normal for the 920.

The FT-920 does not have CAT control of the built in antenna switch. As such the antenna switch cannot be controlled by external commands.


Logger32 has 2 (Serial USB and parallel  LPT) methods for automatic antenna   switching. Suggest you consider installing one to control your antenna switching.

Instructions are included in the Logger32 version 350 manual.  I can offer suggestions on those, should you elect to build one.


Jim – w5ifp-


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Hi Jim,

   Well that's what it's supposed to do and changing bands on the radio does just that but when you change bands on JTDX or JTDX control panel it doesn't. In fact when it changes band and remains on the same aerial you then have to change it manually as the radio remembers the wrong setting.

If it doesn't happen to anyone else that has a 920 Then I will look at connecting up another pc and seeing if it needs cleaning down and reinstalling.

   Julian GW4JBQ

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The FT-920 remembers the Antenna last used on band-x and will switch built-in A/B antennas to the last used band setting.


My FT 920 is setup to switch to antenna B when 6M is selected and antenna A for the TH6DXX beam on 20/15 and 10M


This is easy to set up…. manually select the antenna for each band and it will remember.


Jim – w5ifp-


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Subject: [hamlogger] Band Change Aerial Switch


I know this will be a JTDX Group issue but I am not a member and it's probably been addressed before so apologies.
I have an FT920 with beam on Ant-A and wire on Ant-B, when switching bands on JTDX control panel (and stand alone jtdx) the ant switch on the rig remains on Ant-A so has to be switched manually. I can't find any reference to Aerial switching in any of the documentation so I wonder if this has come up before (I guess it must have) ? 

    Many thanks de Julian  GW4JBQ 

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