Logbook Page highlight color are user configured by clicking on the SETUP menu then Highlight. For additional settings, right click on the Logbook page, then click SETUP. The second and third menu there is the highlight color of a row when you click on it. Other settings there are highlight of the row you have clicked on or selected for editing, also highlight colors for LoTW/OQRS users. 73.

On 02/01/2021 8:09 PM w5jmw <> wrote:

OK,using version 4.My log is back yellow and fonts are red when qsl
confirmed.Few nights ago and today.I logged a call.It is in blue.I
manually confirmed it,tried to edit it(color) even tried to delete.When
I stop on the line of the log where the call appears the entire row goes
blank.What does the blue call mean and where is it being told to go
blue...? I have checked the fonts and colors..I do not see a blue
anywhere.Clues? anyone

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