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Tom Wylie

Sometimes when I change mode, it doesn't work.  If I change bands, then change mode, it works.  If will also work if then I change band again.
20m change mode.   =  nothing
Change band 15m     =. Ok
Change mode.            =  ok
Change band to 20m =  ok


On Mon, 1 Feb 2021, 02:45 Gary Hinson, <Gary@...> wrote:



I’ve discovered that the JTDX Control Panel only works (for me) if I follow this sequence:


  1. Open the UDP BandMap.
  2. On the UDP BandMap menu, click Config -> Show JTDX Control Panel
  3. On the UDP BandMap menu, click Start -> JTDX … and wait for it to launch fully (it needs at least 8 seconds on my system so I have configured it to wait 10 seconds).


Now I can click the JTDX Control Panel buttons to change bands or modes: JTDX and the radio change quickly although the JTDX control panel button coloring takes a second or two to catch up.


If instead I start JTDX from its desktop icon, the JTDX Control Panel shows Control Panel not connected and doesn’t work.  Also, if I start JTDX before opening the JTDX Control Panel, the control panel looks OK (no red warning) but doesn’t work.



Gary  ZL2iFB


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