Cannot switch mode in JTDX Control panel

Joseph LaFerla

I am using the UDP Bandmap, L32 and JTDX (on top).  Version 4.0.238 of L32.  I have the DTDX Control Panel open.  I have opened the JTDX Control Panel from the Start/Stop button on the bandmap.  Using the Control panel I can switch frequencies no problem most times but the mode buttons do not work.  I can only change mode from the JTDX program itself.  Also, sometimes I have to click on a frequency repeatedly for it to be recognized and sometimes it does not respond at all or with a significant delay..  Pressing the halt button most times does not stop JTDX. If this has been discussed and resolved before please point it out.  I cannot understand what I am doing wrong, but if I am please someone point it out.  



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