Like you, the thought processes of the ADIF Meisters is way above my paygrade. It is humbling to to be a mere mortal in the presence such awesome wisdom ... Try DV as the mode/submode. SeventyThee(s). 
PS. See, great minds do think alike.

On 01/25/2021 5:46 PM Thomas via <df2oo@...> wrote:
In Edit Bands & Modes the mode DIGITALVOICE is not accepted although it is contained in the ADIFmodes.txt file in the /logger32 directory. What interestingly is accepted is a mode DV. Apart from the fact that I never understood while the long word DIGITALVOICE (instead of DV) was chosen by the ADIF consortium, I am wondering what I am doing wrong here, e.g. why do I get the message "DIGITALVOICE does not appear to be a valid ADIF defined mode or submode"? DIGITALVOICE is a valid ADIF mode! Furthermore ADIF 3.1.1 lists DSTAR and C4FM as modes but why is DMR still missing. DMR is the most frequently used digital mode, at least where I live.

73, Thomas DF2OO

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