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Tom Wylie

Hi Gary
I found esily enough the section in the Manual marked
Open UDP Bandmap Page 211

I scrolled down till I found

14.2 UDP Bndmap Menu

then scrolling further - SHOW JTDX CONTROL PANEL

following this instruction I opened the JTDX Control Panel - nice wee box
which said "Control Panel Not Connected"....

I couldnt find anything in the box, to make it connect........ so going back to the manual under Show JTDX Control Panel it says:

"Provided you launch JTDX using OPEN JTDX from UDP Bandmap Menu"

I searched the Bandmap Menu but could not find a command marked OPEN JTDX.

Now as you know I am a computer dummy. This flummoxed me till I pressed - START - not OPEN JTDX but START.

This threw up another popup window SETUP SHORTCUTS entitled Setup Start Menus. It of course was blank and I was quick to deduce that I was supposed to type something inthe various columns, so back to the Manual. I searched for "Startup Menu" "OPEN JTDX" etc, eventually I figured there would be page showing the SETUP SHORTCUTS, so I ran through half of the manual hoping the page I was looking for would catch my eye, which it eventually did. And, so now I can start JTDX from within Logger Bandmap. So I am one setp forward. I looked at the Radio 1 command menus for a moment or two before deciding I could do without them initially as the manual for my SDR is again rather complicated, but figure I can setup the radio manually.....

So all I am really saying - I suppose, is that a link in page 211 pointing to the startup menu, might be helpfull to idiots like me who need to be hand held when dealing with something digital.

The Manual is 727 pages long and it is highly unlikely I will ever print it out. I have no doubt that it is very comprehensive, and I have no doubt that after a few emails from idiots like me, there might be a few edits and addedendums.

I just find it hard to try to follow a manual on a screen whilst trying to do what the manual says on the same screen and every time you click something, the bloody thing minimises and I'm jumping backwards and forwards all the time......

Anyway - keep up all the good work for dolts like me.... no doubt I will mail you again for something else......... :-)


On 25/01/2021 17:52, Gary Hinson wrote:
Fair enough Tom,
I'm steadily checking and re-checking the manual, amending/correcting the text, inserting links and updating the embedded screenshots.
Hopefully you found the main section/chapter 14 on the UDP BandMap by skimming the contents pages up front? If not, did you try searching the PDF using Control+F? Admittedly searching for "start" finds over 300 occurrences but "start JTDX" finds just one, which is right in the relevant section 14.2.4 (luckily!).
Gary ZL2iFB
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Thanks Pete I already found it, but had to search the whole manual, perhaps a few more links within pages might help.
On 25/01/2021 15:39, n5kd wrote:

Option 5…..

Start the UDP bandmap.
At the top you should have “Start”.
Under there are the programs you have setup (JTDX or WSJT – whatever)
If nothing there choose the “Setup Shortcuts” option and tell L32 where
your JTDX is located…
eg. C:\JTDX64\155\bin\jtdx.exe

Hope that helps.

73’ Pete, N5KD.

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I don't see option 5......


On Mon, 25 Jan 2021, 15:27 Tom Wylie, <
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How do you run JTDX from within the control panel?



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Try this.

1. Turn ON your TRX.

2. Run Logger32. CAT works ?

3. Open UDP BandMap.

4. Open JTDX control panel. Band/Mode button are not
highlighted. You see "Control panel not connected"

5. Run JTDX from UDP BandMap start menu.

6. You should see like this.


On 2021/01/25 19:16, gerdslogger wrote:

Hi All, I tried to get this JTDX control to run, but I dont
get it.

First try, JTDX No Radio, open TRX in L32, RCP workes, the
JTDX Panel shows the Frequenz & Mode in red, green/red LED
workes, also Halt & clear, but no Frequenz & Mode can change.

Second try, Closed TRX in L32, open in JTDX the Radio,
Frequenz & Mode changing in JTDX is ok,
the JTDX Panel shows the Frequenz & Mode in red, green/red
LED workes, also Halt & clear, but no Frequenz & Mode can
What do I wrong, is there a settig to set? Thanks for ur
help, Gerd, DL1BBO

73 de aki



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