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Jim Altman

Gmail still supports SSL on port 465.  TLS is on port 587.  You also have to generate an “App Password” in your google security settings.  The SSL still works, but its days are numbered.




Jim Altman



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The Logger32 eMail uses SSL encryption. As I recall Gmail defaults to TLS, but there is (or there used to be) a gmail configuration option to use SSL. 73.

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updated to 4.236 no problem at all. Great new additions to a program that was already first class.

So far all seems fine. Only mystery is I have changed my internet service provider-finally a faster connection- and would like to continue receiving email notifications for any DX  spots I need. I added all the GMAIL  settings for the new provider as per the new HELP pdf but cannot get a connection to the email server. This feature worked well with my previous provider.

Any hints or tips or anyone else has the same problem?


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