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ct1fjo nuno <ct1fjo@...>

Hi all...

Sorry for my late answer....

Aki, in logbook page, I've select search qso.

When I try to scroll up and down, only goes up.

If I press shift at the same time, it does work, but on previous versions, I didn't need to do that.


Nuno Silva

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Works fine here with both QSO number & date.

Update also went smoothly. Did a recalc. but not sure it was necessary. All ports & sound systems working as before. W10 op. system.

Many thanks Bob [& others involved] for a great program.



On 22/01/2021 5:22 pm, Chris G4FJW wrote:

Just realised this problem only occurs when sorting by QSO number if you sort by date the scrolling is fine.

Chris.. G4FJW

On 22/01/2021 03:18, Chris G4FJW wrote:

I think what Nuno means is that you can't scroll back through QSOs in the logbook window with the scroll wheel,  forwards scroll is OK and shift/scroll works.

Chris.. G4fjw 

On 22/01/2021 00:35, ja1nlx wrote:


You mean "Search for QSO" in Logbook page window ?

It works for me. Give us step-by step how you search ?


On 2021/01/22 8:59, ct1fjo nuno wrote:
Hi all

I upgraded from version 3.50.424 to version 4.0.132 according to the instructions in the help. Everything was working as before including the search for QSO in the log. When the program made an automatic update to version 4.0.235, the search function in the log, the cursor only makes up making the search difficult. Has anyone checked this problem ??

Nuno Silva
73 de aki

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