Re: V4. When using WSIT-x Manual Logging


I have a question that perhaps one of more members of the group can answer.  I am looking for a logging program that will allow me to use TWO radios at the same time, allowing BOTH access to the logbook, that will log at the same time if necessary.  I am using the Yaesu FTDx101MP now with a Flex 6700.  I was using Logger 32 with my FT-5000 radio, but thought I would try using  Log4OM for logging to see if it will do the trick. A buddy who is really good at IT stuff says that it can work in the way I want it to, but has yet to make it work. I run TWO radios and TWO PCs on my home network.  I want to put the logging software on both and operate with both being able to work as the other.  Does anyone know FOR SURE if Logger 32 or any of the many logging programs out there will do this?  - Mike, K4CVL


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