V4. When using WSIT-x Manual Logging


I have a change with V4. When using WSIT-x in that the populated Logger32 logbook entry window, that occurs automatically, when 'Enable TX' is activated on the WSIT-x window (so as to start a QSO not call CQ) disappears equally fast when '73' is received from the contact without waiting for the MANUAL LOg the QSO from me. all populated QSO information from QRZ with name is lost unless I manually repopulate the Logger32 logbook window again from the callsign if it's still in the UDP Bandplan Window before I manually log. With V3 this didn't happen. If I set auto Log (with V4) on receive of 73 it probably is OK but I like to manual log.
Otherwise, V4 works great Bob. Damian M0BKV

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