Re: L32 LoTW problem


Hi Gary,

I do understand what you mean. What is really strange for me: I egenrated an ADIF file in Logger32 -> I uploaded it to LoTW via their SW and the file was accepted -> Then, I downloaded the file from LoTW and tried to upload it to L32 and then the problems appeared. But LoTW received the roginal date from my L32 ADIF file. I am bit confused.

Anyway. I will try to change the operator for 1 or 2 records in my Logger32 from OK1TK/P to OK1TK and the same with OK1RJO records and try if it helps.

It seems you could be right. I am not on my PC now but I checked the records on LoTW for OK1TK and all the QSO made by OK1TK/P were from JAN 2020 (just thrree days I was operating remotly via my friend's equipment). From all QSO made within these days I used as operator OK1TK and I have just 10 QSL on the LoTW web page. ANd there are 10 QSO which are not possible to update with the LoTW file.

All the records done for OK1RJO are with operators (JAKUB, ONDRA, TOMAS....). I tried to use OK1TK as operator while working as club operator of OK1RJO. And then it was not accepted by LoTW so that's why I changed the the op name from OK1TK to TOMAS.

I will test what you mentioned and if it works we will use the comment field for the op. name in Logger32 for OK1RJO. It is a shame that the Operator fidl can't be used for different ops working under one callsign as it is with club stations.

I agree if you use the example above for the user manual.

I thank you very very much for your support and will update you with the results of the test when I am at home this evening..

73! OK1TK

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