Enhancement Request - Multiple Radios/ SO2R

John, G4DRS

I wonder, is it possible to have a separate Slave port for each radio connected?
The reason is that I have one radio connected with a panadapter looking at its IF, and the Slave port talks to the panadapter software, telling it what frequency to display. In revers, clicking on a signal on the panadapter sends that radio to that frequency.
However, when I use CTRL-T and toggle to the second radio, the Slave port sends the frequency of Radio 2 to the panadapter software, which is still displaying the IF of Radio 1. I get very confused, very easily...
Is it possible, somehow, either to limit the Slave port to a particular radio (Radio 1 or Radio 2), or to have a second Slave port, Slave port 1 corresponding to Radio 1 and Slave port 2 to Radio 2?
Or is it already there, but I just haven't twigged how to do it?

It all works as expected, I just think that this would a nice enhancement.

L32 v 4.0.235
Windows 10



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