Re: L32 LoTW problem


Hello Gary,

thank you for your reply. It is strange for me, because the files for LoTW are generated by Logger32 for both callsigns OK1TK and OK1RJO as well. The only difference is, that for my LoggBook OK1TK I use as operator my calsing OK1TK. For club callsign OK1RJO we use our first names (Jakub, Ondra, Tomas) for the "operator" field in Logger32.
What I found out this weekend is that all QSLs for OK1RJO are marked in BAD.ADI as "QSO not found in logbook". We received some new QSLs and they are not accepted by Logger32 as well. For my callsign it is stil the same 10 QSL which are not "found" in my LogBook.
My suspiction is that I modifided several QSO in my (OK1TK) logbook manually (the fields LoTW QSL sent/received). And it might be those 10 which are not accepted when uploding the file generated on LoTW webpage.
At the beginngin I updated all the QSO in OK1RJO logbook manualy for LoTW Sent and Received.
Would it be helpfull if I send my ADIF files and the ADIF genrated from LoTW to compare it ?
73! OK1TK

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