Re: FT4-FT8 best way to set up Bands and Modes?

Philip (G4OBK) Catterall

Hi John

Thanks for this info - this is how my Phone/Digital Modes arrangement is set, to suit the FTDX101 radio mode setup

So from the Awards DXCC table I can see each data mode stats individually, or I can see DXCC_DIGITAL - all added together. 

When I started using FT4 a year or two ago I appeared to have added this mode as a sub mode of MFSK. I cannot recall why. I don't use MFSK as a mode and cannot see in any part of the program where I can edit this out. Therefore if looking at the Awards credit screen the left hand bottom mode box when clicked looks like this for the modes I use:

I'd like to remove the MFSK line if I can and see the FT4 mode in its own right if possible, but I don't know how to do this. 

73 Phil 


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