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Bruno, yes, you can have Logger32 ver 3.50 in one directory, and Logger32 ver 4.0 in a different directory. But the cannot share logbooks or any databases. As soon a ver 4.0 opens a database it cannot be opened/read by ver 3.50. It is all descried in the new PDF help file. SeventyThree(s).

On 01/16/2021 12:47 PM is0gqx Bruno via <is0gqx@...> wrote:

Hi Bob,
Great news ...

Pse,  Logger32 V.3 coexist with Logger32 V.4 on the same PC with different directory?


73, Bruno IS0GQX


Da: Bob
Inviato: sabato 16 gennaio 2021 15:38
Oggetto: [hamlogger] Logger32 ver 4.0


Beta testing is now complete. In a matter of days the upgrade package and documentation will be posted at 


Please check out the installation instructions in section 2.5.9 of the new documentation. Temporary home of the documentation is


Thanks to all those who helped test the software, and a special thank you to Gary ZL2IFB for the new PDF.





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