Re: L32 LoTW problem


But in lotw to upload.Are you using the same certificate ? If so you may need to set up different accounts so they do notuse the same certificate..john

On 2021-01-11 03:43, ok1tk wrote:
Hi Guys,
I started to use LoTW several days ago for my personal callsign and
for club callsign. For both callsignes I use separate Logbooks in L32.
My callsign = 1 operator, club = 3 ops now including me (I found, that
the export file for LoTW is not happy if my callsign is used as op for
the club logs so I changed to my name).
But all the upload to LoTW are done and the current state on LoTW is:
750 QSO
256 QSL
When I download the file FROM LoTW and I am tring to SYNC it wit L32 I
am getting the following errors:
10 errors (BAD.ADI syas the QSO was not found in logbook for all the
10 QSO)
56 errors (BAD.ADI syas the QSO was not found in logbook for all the
10 QSO) - so all QSL
The QSO from BAD.ADI exists in the Logbooks and can be found.
The through is and I think it migh be my problem, I updated some LoTW
QSL Sent/Recievd statuses in Logger manualy before I found the
possibility to do it via the file.
Any idea how to slove this issue ? It seems it will not affect another
QSO but not sure with that.
73! OK1TK

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