Re: Version 4.0


Rick agree your opinion. V 4,xxx work as faster and safer rocket. F6IRA 

Le 05/01/2021 à 21:02, Rick Williams - VE7TK via a écrit :
I am far from a power user but I have been using Logger for a couple of decades!! 

I bit the bullet early in the beta testing and converted to Version 4. I have NO regrets. Version 4 has been stable and, for my type of use, very reliable. It seems substantially faster than Version 3.5 at updating various database components such a LoTW users and Club Log exceptions. Also, there have been significant improvements linking Logger32 directly with WSJT-x and JTDX. Of course, the award tracking component of L32, in my opinion the crown jewel, remains as efficient as always!

Many thanks to Bob, Aki, Jim and others for all their efforts.

73, Rick

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