Re: Logged QSO from JTDX shows as GEN instead of 80m


... then you probably have a hole in your BandPlan on 80M. 73.

On 12/30/2020 4:38 PM John, G4DRS via <g4drs@...> wrote:
Everything had been working fine, then, suddenly, I started seeing messages about NAK: FREQ/BAND QSO data rejected by external software.
I think this is a JTDX message, but I don't know whether Logger32 is rejecting the band data and logging it as 'GEN', or whether JTDX is sending the band data as 'GEN' and Logger32 is rejecting it.
Is anyone able to shed any light as to why this may have started partway through an operating session?
Logger32 3.50.424
JTDX 2.2.0 RC155
Windows 10


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