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Rob, as you've apparently exhausted the supply of USERx fields, your suggestion of re-assigning on of the other worthless fields is worthy of testing. Currently, there is no capability of renaming fields when exporting/importing ADIF fields ... assuming you re-purposed the TEN_TEN field (it is a secondary key - You can sort the logbook Page Window with it - and it is 10 characters long) as STATION_CALLSIGN, you probably need to have it correctly identified in the ADIF file as STATION_CALLSIGN and not TEN_TEN. This will be relative simple to add to ver 4.0 after it is released and stable. Remind me in a month or two. 73.

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I wonder if you could add STATION_CALLSIGN to the available fields for the Logbook page?


I’ve just spend an age updating our club’s 65,000+ QSOs. We of course have many operators at our club and I have utilised the “OPERATOR” field for their callsign. Over the years we have used many callsigns under the banner of the club (over 20) – for which I have used the “STATION_CALLSIGN” ADIF field. However, I am unable to display the log so that it shows the callsign that the club was operating. I could replicate the field and use USER_1, USER_2 or USER_3……. but they are being used for something else.


I suspect (like me) you utilised the OPERATOR field for the station name from the original ADIF version in 1998, as that was all that was available until ADIF 2.15 in 2004 – when STATION_CALLSIGN was added.


If there are a finite number of fields available, I’m sure that SFI, K_INDEX, A_INDEX and RX_POWER are less necessary?


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