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Harold, the simple/direct answer to you question is I have no <explicative deleted> idea. Until I read your message, I had never heard of an FT-891, and now that I have, it's still not on my Christmas 'what I want' list for Santa. 
After you have read/studied the FT-891 CAT documentation, decide for yourself ... does this radio look (to logging programs) like all the other Yahoo radios, or is there something special involved?
And, before you settle too comfortably in your 'back seat', if you want me to do the research for you, I will have to double your annual license/maintenance fee. SeventyThree(s)AndMerryChristmas.

On 12/20/2020 7:31 PM kc2bpp via <kc2bpp@...> wrote:
I would like to know if in the near future would the FT-891 be able to operate with Logger32? I been using this program when it first came out. Now I'm taking a back seat because there is no FT-891 in the radio options. Thanks for any feed back. 

Harold KC2BPP

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