Re: LOTW callsigns in LOTW


Correction, SP7M is in the Club Log LoTW users database. Look in the clublog_users.json file in the \Logger32 directory. It shows last LoTW activity on 2020-07-13. Click the CONFIG menu to see if July 13 is within your range of your settings. SeventyThree(s).

On 12/18/2020 2:09 PM Bob <k4cy@...> wrote:
I did not see SP7M mentioned in your message. SP7M is not in the LoTW data downloaded from Club Log. SeventyThree(s).
On 12/18/2020 2:01 PM sp5ewx <sp5ewx@...> wrote:
Hi Bob 
I talked about sp7m 

W dniu pt., 18.12.2020 o 18:20 Bob < k4cy@...> napisał(a):
Logger32 recognizes SP5EWX as a LoTW user. No problem. SeventyThree(s).
On 12/18/2020 12:07 PM sp5ewx < sp5ewx@...> wrote:
I have another call sign and I'm on LOTW ...I don't appear in the
logger as user of LOTW .,,,Also I cant see LOTW users in my logbook in
bold letters call sign..I thicked in logger "show LOTW users" and
"show LOTW/OQRS users in bold "
Any advice??
Mike sp5ewx



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