Hi Bob
Done ...thank you ...I'm double happy ;;;log is OK and I saved my fingers

pt., 6 lis 2020 o 20:21 Bob <> napisał(a):

Just do as I say ...

a) Backup your logbook to an ADIF file
b) Verify all QSOs ar in the file
c) Make a new/empty logbook
d) Import the ADIF file

Don't touch anything else (or I will cut your finders off). SeventyThree(s).

On 11/06/2020 2:17 PM sp5ewx <> wrote:

Hi Bob
Thanks ...If I save logbook configuration file ,can I put in it into „clean” logger ? .I’d like rather to avoid configure whole setup
Mike sp5ewx
W dniu pt., 6.11.2020 o 18:44 Bob <> napisał(a):

Looks to me like an index in your Logbook database is broken. Export the logbook in ADIF format. Make sure all the records are there. Import the ADIF file into a new/empty logbook. 73.

On 11/06/2020 12:27 PM sp5ewx <> wrote:

It happened second time ...before I had to reinstall logger...When I
try to export LOTW files there is no call sign (sp5ewx) in the window
.The QSO is properly marked(send LOTW QSL)...When I change operator
call sign it is the same situation ...I have another logbooks in the
same logger ...There is everything over there ...Any suggestions ??
Mike sp5ewx

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