Re: Horizontal UDP Bandmap?


Markku, no all BandMaps are fixed vertically. I have spent many hours (days?) experimenting with what you ask for. Yes, in theory, it sounds *great*. Unfortunately, in practice, it is just more worthless eye candy. 9 times out of 10 the decoded signal I am potentially  interested is either so weak it is not painting the waterfall, or buried under short skip loud-mouth calling endless CQs. Bottom line, IMHO it's not as *great* as it sounds, and it's not going to happen in Logger32. SeventyThrees(s).

On 10/27/2020 11:56 AM Markku Oksanen <markku.a.oksanen@...> wrote:


Is there a way to rotate the UDP bandmap 90 degrees?  If not, this would be a *great* feature as this way I could have the UDP bandmap below the Wide Graph of JTDX or WSJTX and see kind of direclty what signal belongs to whom!


Markku OH2RA / OG2A / WW1C

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