Three questions


Today I have three questions:
1. Is there any Logger32 user manual on internet?
2. I have one field in my loggbook, "Country". I am just now adding my old QSO.s manually into Logger32 logggbook. I want to register "Country" manually in my Country-field. I tried to register the country name for each OSO afterwards, but I have no success. Is it possible to use the field Primary admin or Secondary admin to register the country name and get in into my loggbook?
3. I have once by mistake deleted "operator" window on the loggbook entry window and now I have to click on the loggbook entry window icon the top menu every time I start Logger32 to get the operator window back. How do I do to save the Operator window on the Loggbook Entry Window?
Thank you in advance for your  answer.

SM0YHN/Thorbjörn Odsjö

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