John Munton - G7SSE

Message from Lee Sawkins (Ve7CC owner) posted on 15th on the user group:

"I am ok. Have been having power, Internet, phone, email problems all at the same time. I have power now but other problems still need to be fixed".

Looks like the VE7CC node is still down.

73, John - G7SSE

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From: "Neil Rowe" <va6ak@...>
Sent: 16/10/2020 17:15:05
Subject: [hamlogger] VE7CC

Good Day;

My telnet to VE7CC has quit working, my other clusters are ok.  Tried a number of different combinations
ve7cc 7300
ve7cc 23
ve7cc 23
ve7cc 7300

Have used ve7cc for a number of years with no issue until recently.
Correct settings or other issues would be appreciated,



73, John - G7SSE

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