Re: Connecting Elecraft K3 to Logger32 and entering previous QSO by hand

Vilhjalmur Sigurjonsson

DR Thorbjörn,

I do assume that all your QSOs in the log are fake and you want to start from a start.

The easiest way is to click on the File menu and then Change Logbook. Write a name that you like, e.g. just sm0yhn and there you are, an empty log ready to receive your contacts.

When entering your old log (I assume that it is from a paper log as you talk about doing that by hand) it is best to point at the logbook page, right click and then click to enter a new QSO. That opens a pane that stays open and eases the keying in process.

But if you do have a mixture of real and fake logs you must export it to an ADIF file, delete the fake lines and import the real entries into a new log.

GL es CU on bands

73 de Villi


From: [] On Behalf Of SM0YHN@...
Sent: fimmtudagur, 15. október 2020 18:06
Subject: [hamlogger] Connecting Elecraft K3 to Logger32 and entering previous QSO by hand


First of all: Thanks to all giving me help to connect my Elecraft K3 to Logger32. I have tried all proposals. Finally I was wondering about my connection from K3 to my laptop, so I bought a new serial port adapter USB to RS232, and now it works!

And now to my new question:
I have tested Logger32 for a while and in that case I have logged a lot of fake OSO:s. Now I want to start from the beginning and want to enter my previous QSO:s by hand. But how do I do to start from the beginning and take those "fake OSO:s" away, skip them?
Thank you in advance

SM0YHN/Thorbjörn Odsjö

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