Re: Notes window



I do not duplicate reported problem, however I see this.

1. Note is already logged for QSO with K4CY.

2. Select this QSO and click "Show note window"

3. Click any row in Note window. Grid width is narrowed.

4. Delete this note. I see this.

5. Re-open Note window.



On 2020/10/15 5:17, Bob wrote:
I spent some time investigating this today, and it could be one of many things. Please help me zero in on the problem.

Was it a short note, or an autobiography?
I the problem for this particular QSO only?
Can you add a note to a non 60m band QSO?
Despite the warning message, is the note actually added?
If you recalculate you stats for this logbook, does the have any effect?
Can you log a QSO with a note? If so, can you then delete the note? if so, can you add a note?

Anything you can do to help narrow it down would be appreciated. 73.
On 10/13/2020 10:36 PM Vince Shirley <vince.g0orc@...> wrote:

Hi all I'll try again - Google mail screwed up the image and text - this showld be OK...

Hi all,

I' haven't used the Notes window for a while and everything OK except for this.

If I try and add a note for a selected QSO I get this

"Unable to add notes to selected QSO with 44117.2921990741"  The number varies depending on the QSO selected.

I something broken?


73 de aki

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