Re: JCC/JCG Tracking in L32



Check again step-by-step....

1. Open JCC.csv with NotePad. I see like this.

2. Open secondary admin database maintenance table. Tools/database maintenance/Secondary admin database maintenance.  I see like this.

3. Right click on any QSO in Logbook page window. Click "Edit admin subdivision info"
Select Japan for country. Select JCC for award. I see like this.

If you open JCC.csv with Excel then you may see like this. No leading ZERO.

So If you open JCC.csv with Excel and save it then no leading ZERO in saved JCC.csv.
If you import this saved JCC.CSV then you may miss leading ZERO in Logger32.


On 2020/10/14 15:55, John Muzyka via wrote:
Hi Guys,
I have tracked the JCC/JCG award in L32 for years and have worked well over 1K JCC/JCG a few months ago after working a couple oj JA's with new JCC numbers which my L32 did not recognise I decided to upload the latest JCC/JCG.CSV file.

It went on no problem but after checking my total number of JCC/JCG my worked number was down to below 200?? and when I tried putting in some JCC/JCG numbers say 0101 L32 gave me a message saying that it did not recognise 01. 

I didn't bother with it much then but now I am starting to work JA's and the error message kept on coming up again, so a few weeks I tried to get down to the bottom of this problem, first of all I tried to see if I had a copy of the original JCC/JCG file which had worked for lots of years, no unfortunately I did not keep the original (note to oneself, rename a file before deleting it!!) so because it was a new file I looked at the JCC.SCV that I had download from Aki san JA1NLX and what I found was that the EXCEL file showed the numbers of the prefectures without the leading 0 (zero) in both the first part of the number and the second part of the number so instead of 0101 it looked like it was 11 Also when I worked a station which was already in my log with a JCC number in the full fout figure format if there was a 0 (zero) in the number when I tried to enter it again it would not recognize the number even if I edited the number by right clicking on the call in the log and choosing Edit Admin Subdivision Info 

I spoke to a radio friend of mine who knows a lot more about PC programmes than me and he said that EXCEL files will sometimes depending on their format with automatically take out the 0 (zero) and that I should report this back to the writer of the programme file. So hence this message before messing around with the file myself. Has anyone else had this problem or is it something with my PC? 

I have attached a few screen shots and a copy of the .CSV file 

John G4RCG 
73 de aki

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