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Rick Ellison

Nothing has changed are you sure you are using the latest version?? I am working on a way to try and speed the process up but that version has not been released yet..In versions previous to the last one you had to tick the message box to mark them as sent but in the latest version you should not need to answer yes to that box and the flags will be changed when they are actually updated..

73 Rick N2AMG

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From: [] On Behalf Of Paul F6EXV
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2020 6:10 AM
Subject: [hamlogger] LoTW

Hi all
When I upload a QSO through L32 LogSynch, it is not updated as sent on the log page, even though it really is sent.
This used to work flawlessly. I now have to manually tick off the "Send LoTW QSL", and tick on the "LoTW QSL sent".
I have re-installed L32 LogSynch, no change.
Both programs talk to each other.

Unless I am a sleep-walker, I have not changed anything in the configuration.
Any idea ?
Thanks + 73
Paul F6EXV

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