Re: problem with logging QSO's from JTDX


Sean, the error message is from the Logger32 database to tell you that you were about to write invalid data to the logbook. I have three recomendations:

1) Are you trying to do nasty things to your logbook, or is the logbook broken? Who knows, hopefully we will figure it out. But just in case, make an ADIF backup of you logbook and hide it under the mattress.

2) Click VIEW and check the option ENABLE ERROR TRAPPING. Now, when the error occurs, addition information is shown. Maybe this will help identify the problem.

3) Setup for logging by TCP. With the TCP server window open, you can no see the logging message. If there's bad data, we should be able to see it.


PS. Another possible reason for the error 1006 is that maybe your 90 day free trial has expired :)

On 09/15/2020 9:41 AM Sean - G4UCJ <sean@...> wrote:

I've been using JTDX with Logger for ages now, and was able to log from, JTDX into logger via UDP or TCP without issue. Now though, I am getting an error message every time. I've tried using TCP, UDP and just about anything I can think of. Nothing helps it now. 

I've attached a grab of the error window as it seems to contain all the relevant info.

There seems very little info on the net about this particular error message.

I can add the QSO manually into Logger as usual. I even started a new log and imported the ADIF of my existing log (240k entries), recalculated stats, reformatted numbers, etc. but nothing doing.

I don't know if this is a Windows or a logger issue - I feel something has become corrupted but what that is I don't know.

Thanks for any assistance

73, Sean G4UCJ  

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