Re: Program loses frequency and a lag on entering callsigns

Ron Stone

Hello Bob

No joy with transceive off with echo on or off. No change with stop bits either 1 or 2 but it did take 2 which suprised me. As for changing the sleep time, N1MM never fails on that, so I dont think that is the issue.

But I have noticed one big diff between L32 and N1MM (which works). I have it configured for COM20 in N1MM. If I try to configure L32 for COM20 although it is in the drop down menu for radio setup when I set the port to 20 and try it
,I get a "COMĀ  port doesnt exist message". Do I remember seeing somewhere that L32 cannot handle COM ports about 15 or somesuch ? Maybe that is the problem. BUT - if I configure the radio to work via a CT-17 to a real (not USB) COM port , in my case COM14, I still get the frequency drop out problem. Methinks all this is maybe a W7 issue. I have ordered a big thumb drive to back up all my files and will then reluctantly convert to W10.


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