Re: Program loses frequency and a lag on entering callsigns


Hi Ron

My 7300 shows in the CI-V USB Baud Rate a maximum setting of 115200 which I use with Logger32.
You said yours is not going above 19200 but you use 9600.
Why not use 19200??


Op 12-9-2020 om 15:30 schreef Ron Stone via
Hi Bob

Not to imply that your program isnt the best there is..... ! I have been using it since 1995 - that's an excellent 25 years - and only recently have I run into problems with it. So
do please accept my thanks for it. Freeware and great support ? Not many others like that so you can be very proud of it.

Regarding the entry of calls into the logbook entry window, previously instantaneous, so I rolled back to 3.50.394 and hey now the calls go in there fast again. No more lag
at all !. Then I uploaded 422 again and now the calls go in just as fast. Surely one for "Go figure...." I have checked the radio settings as you suggest.
Not possible in the IC7300 menus to go above 19200 baud so I have left it at 9600 where it was. Putting CI-V transceive
to OFF (I had it ON) resulted in no frequency change on VFO movement so I changed it back to ON and it is responding to QSY's again. I have tried playing with all settings
of polling times and nothing makes any difference. Used the radio debug window and indeed the frequency went to 0.00 when the prog lost the frequency. I have attached
a screen dump of when it happened. So the loss of frequency still happens very often unfortunately.

Now hear this.. Tried my W10 laptop and no prob with call entries or frequency. Everything stable. So I suppose the next step - taken reluctantly as I really dont like W10- is
to upgrade my W7 machine to W10. I've ordered a large thumb drive to back everything up and then will try again.

Others commenting. Thanks but are you using W7 or W10 please ?

73 and thanks again for your help. Stay safe


my dxspider clusters running on a raspberry pi:  
pa4jj-2 port 7300
pa4jj-3 port 7388

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