Program loses frequency and a lag on entering callsigns

Ron Stone


I'm using L32 version 3.50.422. CAT control is via a IC7300. Correct frequency is shown in the entry window but often it is sporadically lost and replaced with 0.00,  then switches back to the correct frequency. If there is a call in the entry window it is lost.

Additionally, typing any call into the entry window incurs a significant lag. For instance typing GW3YDX takes four seconds to appear after the G is entered. There is nothing gobbling memory from the PC. Neither of these issues are RF-related as they both occur during both RX and TX periods. Neither of these issues occur when I use N1MM+ for contesting. PC is a Windows 7 machine but it is stable and responsive with all other programs.

This issue is only evident in Logger32 and I would dearly love it if someone can suggest a fix, thanks.

73 and stay safe

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