Re: Problem with Logger32 autoinstall


1. You must change the Logger32.exe settings so it is run as an administrator.  Do this: Find the Logger32.exe icon in the \Logger32 directory. Right click on it, the click the PROPERTIES menu. The Logger32.exe properties window opens. Click the COMPATIBILITY tab. Click CHANGE SETTINGS FOR ALL USERS. Check the option RUN THIS PROGRAM AS AN ADMINISTRATOR. Click APPLY. Click OK. 

2) To update your QTH, do this: On the Logbook Entry Window, right click where you type in the callsign. On the menu, click SETUP. On the new menu, click My QTH Lat/Long.

Please read the Logger32 help file. You will find it much easier and enjoyable to know how to make it work. After you have successfully upgraded, you can download the latest help file from


On 09/11/2020 7:30 AM sm0yhn@... wrote:

I have decided to change from paperlogging  to electronic logging and I am  trying to install Logger32 on my laptop running Google Crome with windows10 and I have for the moment disabled my Norton antivirusprogram. After my initial installing, I have run Logger32 automatic update installer. See the screeencopy below.

After answering Yes, I got thr Errormessage below:

My second problem is when customizing the logbook window (e.g. updat my location) and clicking on the icons, they will not be highlighted so I cannot update. 

So if you can help me with my two problems,
1. what to do with the errormessage when autoinstalling Logger32?
2. why will the icons not  be highlighted when I click on them?

Thank you in advance for your help

73 de
SM0YHN/Thorbjörn Odsjö

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