Re: Logger 32 quits shortly after launch


No sub-directories in the \Logger32 directory? Huh? Either you have never installed a Logger32 update, or you deleted the \Logger32 folder (and it's sub-directories) before you reinstalled Logger32.

I think Jim has a valid point, it sounds like you're floundering. This is very dangerous while sitting in front of the keyboard.  You have Logger32 running on your laptop, so there's no urgency to this. You logs are in tact, and you can log QSOs.

When you attempt to upgrade, exactly what happens before the program quits? And, exactly what do you mean quits (a blinding flash and a smell of sulphur in the air)? When upgrading, there's an option to backup before updating. Is it on or off?  Try it the other way. Good luck, 73.

On 09/07/2020 12:36 PM Jim Altman <jaltman636@...> wrote:

I would not reinstall windows. You are missing something probably fairly simple.  Take a break from it.  If there are no subdirectories in the L32 folder, are you installing to the same place you were before? You don’t need compatibility mode, only admin privileges.

Jim Altman


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Logger 32 quits shortly after launch

Hi Bob & Damian

Thanks both for taking the time to reply.

Sorry, I probably didn't make myself clear. One day last month Logger stopped. Well not exactly - it would load, show the logbook (existing entries) and then quit.

So I re-installed the program and it loads, (no logbook to look at of course). If I click 'yes' to Upgrade to version 3.5xxx it quits. If I say no, then it quits when I try to do anything else. So cant even load my adif file.

The exe file is set to admin privlidges & I have tried ALL the compatability options (it used to work OK on XP SP3) - same result whichever is selected.

There are no sub-folders in the Logger32 folder to go back to.

I don't use WIndows Defender but Malwarebytes. I have added c:/Logger32 to the 'Allowed Page', again no difference.

It is obviously something 'in' this desktop as the program works perfectly (with my .ini file & logbooks) on my Win 10 Home laptop.

I don't want to but maybe a re-install of WIndows is the answer (or just use logger on my laptop!)

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