Re: Logger 32 quits shortly after launch

Vilhjalmur Sigurjonsson


Before trying something drastic like reinstalling the Windows try the following:

When Logger32 is not running rename Logger32.ini to Logger32.ini.old, then run Logger32.

Does that behave differently?

73 Villi


From: [] On Behalf Of Steve
Sent: mánudagur, 7. september 2020 16:22
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Logger 32 quits shortly after launch


Hi Bob & Damian

Thanks both for taking the time to reply.

Sorry, I probably didn't make myself clear. One day last month Logger stopped. Well not exactly - it would load, show the logbook (existing entries) and then quit.

So I re-installed the program and it loads, (no logbook to look at of course). If I click 'yes' to Upgrade to version 3.5xxx it quits. If I say no, then it quits when I try to do anything else. So cant even load my adif file.

The exe file is set to admin privlidges & I have tried ALL the compatability options (it used to work OK on XP SP3) - same result whichever is selected.

There are no sub-folders in the Logger32 folder to go back to.

I don't use WIndows Defender but Malwarebytes. I have added c:/Logger32 to the 'Allowed Page', again no difference.

It is obviously something 'in' this desktop as the program works perfectly (with my .ini file & logbooks) on my Win 10 Home laptop.

I don't want to but maybe a re-install of WIndows is the answer (or just use logger on my laptop!)

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