Re: Logger 32 quits shortly after launch


Some users of the logging program have carried out the update and the program disappeared either immediately or at the next bootup. This has happened recently to many users because many virus checkers think the new version has a virus and instead of asking you what to do they delete the main file 'Logger32.exe' from the main folder C:// Logger32/, This problem of virus checkers treating a file as a virus is called a FALSE NEGATIVE in the plumbing trade.
I have had the problem with McAfee virus checker a while back. Numerous others have also since.

To recover the lost program you have to roll back and find an earlier version of the Logger32.exe main program file and paste it to your logger folder. Find one in one of the 10 Rollback folders stored in your 'C://Logger32/' folder in Windows Explorer. OR run Logger32Rollback.exe this looks at all subdirectories in the C://Logger32/ folders pick one and run it.

This gets Logger32 going. Then with McAfee virus checker  BEFORE updating to the new version of Logger32, paste the new version file (logger32.exe) to the exception page of McAfee firewall To do this you must again download the latest version of Logger32 that was deleted by your virus checker. Update the Firewall before doing the update. I reported the problem to the McAfee helpdesk and haven't had the problem and haven't had to do this paraphernalia since. Other virus checkers may need to be contacted about the problem. Bob, I think, has sorted it out with Microsoft and their virus checker. Don't do another update before doing the above and getting the problem sorted. Other programs may have the same issue BTW..

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