Re: Logger 32 quits shortly after launch


Steve, interesting problem. You say you have reinstalled Logger32 but you can't update. I assume you are now on version 3.50.0, and you're attempting to update to 3.50.422.

First off, check that Logger32 is configured to run with administrator privileges. Look in the \Logger32 directory for the Logger32.exe. Right click on the icon, click Properties. Select the Compatibility tab. Is the Run this program as administrator option checked?

If that doesn't help, then you could try something a little more drastic. First, make sure you have your logbook safely stored away in ADIF format. Look in the \Logger32 directory for folders called Updatefiles for ver Copy the contents of the newest folder (I haven't counted them, but there is probably 15 files) into the \Logger32 directory. What you have done is upgrade Logger32 ver 3.50.0 to the release version prior to the one you were running on August 26.

Good luck, 73.

On 09/06/2020 5:57 AM Steve <g4uhm@...> wrote:

I have never posted to before, so apologies if I have done this wrong...


I have used Logger 32 for years without serious issues but this one has stumped me.


I run the latest version of Win 10 64bit (kept updated) & have up to date antivirus.


On 26th August I clicked on the link to open Logger as usual. The program opened, loaded the logbook (about 5000 entries) and then the program closed.


Since then I have re-installed the program but as soon as I click ‘yes’ to updating, Logger quits.


The program works perfectly on my Win 10 64bit laptop, so it is something peculiar to my desktop. I hadn’t changed anything or installed any  new programmes and am out of ideas.


Anyone else had the same issue, if so what is the fix?


Any help gratefully received.


Steve G4UHM



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