Logger 32 quits shortly after launch


I have never posted to Groups.io before, so apologies if I have done this wrong...


I have used Logger 32 for years without serious issues but this one has stumped me.


I run the latest version of Win 10 64bit (kept updated) & have up to date antivirus.


On 26th August I clicked on the link to open Logger as usual. The program opened, loaded the logbook (about 5000 entries) and then the program closed.


Since then I have re-installed the program but as soon as I click ‘yes’ to updating, Logger quits.


The program works perfectly on my Win 10 64bit laptop, so it is something peculiar to my desktop. I hadn’t changed anything or installed any  new programmes and am out of ideas.


Anyone else had the same issue, if so what is the fix?


Any help gratefully received.


Steve G4UHM



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