Re: Logbook page dissappeared

Peter Eckersberger

Hi Bob,

Did as you suggested. Found it as "Logbook Page Index= 0". Changed it to "Logbook Page Index=0". After starting Logger32 nothing had changed. Decided to do something different. Deleted the "Logger32.INI" and started Logger32. All the basics came up. Included the Logbook page. That proved that the frog was hiding somewhere in the "INI"-file. Fortunately I've all that HAM-stuff on a second "ZBOX" which is one of those tiny mini PCs by ZOTAC I used that in the past at my 2nd QTH and use it now for back up purposes.

Well, I copied the "Logger32.ini" from the "ZBOX" to the Logger32-folder, changed a few link-settings within the "Utility program" setup and EUREKA! I'm back to business.

Anyway, tnx a lot for giving me a hand on that matter. Wish you a nice and relaxing Sunday.

73 de Peter, OE3EPW

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