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Graham, you are a subscriber to this lowly reflector? We're honored/humbled with your interest/presence. Your words of wisdom are appreciated.

A couple of weeks ago I was (anonymously) made aware of the ARRL/LoTW representation to the the ADIF Meisters to include FST4 as a new MFSK submode. My reply to my source is unprintable Sir, don't shoot the messenger. I call it like I see it. No hidden agenda.

The ADIF meisters decree a new submode for MFSK. So be it. Logger32 (as pathetic as it is) now accepts FST4 as an MFSK submode.

Who am I supposed to question about this very questionable mandate? Those that promulgate the directive, (or those that with their heads up their ass) that pressured (because of their totally undeserving omnipotence} you to do it?

Graham, call me out if you like, I have no problem with that, but to hide behind the wishes of the ARRL/LoTW for your decrees/mandates is not acceptable.

Once again you (and your merry men) blew it. Admit it. SeventryThree(s)

On 09/05/2020 8:35 PM Graham G3ZOD <g3zodna@...> wrote:

Save the sarcasm for the ARRL and K1JT and take it up with them if it is unsatisfactory.

"The current beta version of WSJT-X (2.3.0) includes a new mode, FST4.  ARRL has been discussing this release with K1JT, who has agreed to use "MODE=MFSK, SUBMODE=FST4" for QSOs using that new encoding scheme."

73 de  Graham G3ZOD

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