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Peter, open the Logger32.INI file with NotePad (it is a simple text file). Look for the section heading

[wndLogbookPage Settings]

look for the line somewhere below it like this. 

Logbook Page Index= 0

if it is not = 0 or =0, then change it to =0 save the change, and load Logger32 again. Any change? 73.

On 09/05/2020 12:42 PM Peter Eckersberger <oe3epw@...> wrote:

Hi Bob,
Thank you for your quick response. But unfortunately your advise was the very first action done by myself. Didn't help at all. Here again the pics of my actions ...

1. When starting Logger32 I see this one ...

Pse take to your knowledge that the loading of the logbook is incomplete.

By clicking several times onto "OK" the logbook gets loaded but stays invisible. As soon as I click onto the black "DATE"-column it does not turn into red but that lousy "TEN_TEN" message shows up again.

Sorry, here I'm. I've no idea what to do. What hurts most is the fact that I can't use the fantastic "Cherry Picker" option together with the direct logging of JTDX & WSJTX Q's into "Logger32". This combo is really something special. Thanks a lot for your effort in providing the whole community wits all those candies.

73 de Peter, OE3EPW

Am 05.09.2020 um 16:54 schrieb Bob:
Make sure the selected column to sort the Logbook Page Window is the QSO DATE column. Click on it and it will be in red. 73.

On 09/05/2020 9:37 AM Peter Eckersberger <oe3epw@...> wrote:


Name is Peter, call OE3EPW

Today something strange (at least for me) happened when trying to reduce the size of my Logger32 logbook page. After doing so all of a sudden the "1" error text popped up (see below).

When clicking on "OK", number "2" came up. Clicking here on "OK" shifts me to a loop between those 2 messages. After the fourth "OK" the messages disappear, Logger32 gets started but only one empty line of the logbook is visible. When ever trying bringing back the page to its normal size (in my case 12 lines) the whole procedure starts again from the beginning.

Additional info ...

1. I never had implemented the TEN_TEN field in my logbook setup / grid layout. It's still not there right now.

2. I tried to help myself by replacing all of the different "INI"-files stored within my LOGGER32BACKUP.ZIP to no avail. Some helpful advise what to do for bringing back normal functionality? TIA!!

73 de Peter, OE3EPW

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